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The truth about tax-exempt Foundations.

The Ford foundation and the cartel of tax-exempt foundations had begun its infiltration into all avenues of society. These complex systems over time have matured to such an extent that everyday life as we live and know, or the freedom we perceive is continuously been shaped, designed and manipulated into an end product that these agencies have manufactured. Over time these foundations with their grant making power have gained control over governments and institutions that have had traumatic effects over communities such as ours. It’s time to wake up and recognize that what we perceived to be freedom has been nothing more than a group of cartels that control virtually every aspect of your life.

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Dodd: “We found out Doctor that these foundations had as their objective the orientation of the people of this country to the idea of collectivism and thereby nullifying for good and all of the commitment of the country to individualism which was the feature of the country at the beginning”

Dr: How did they go about doing this?

Dodd: Well primarily they did it doctor by securing control of what is known as the money supply of the people of this country.

Dr: You’re speaking of the money supply going into education?

Dodd: Well the money supply of the people of the country as a whole

Dr.: And how did they do this?

Dodd: They did this by working out a system of banking which was fond/fine in its concept but it enabled what we call debt to be monetized and transformed into bank deposits

Dr: How did they specifically set out to influence education in America

Dodd: By having at their disposal, unlimited quantities of this newly created money and being able to reward the personalities who were active in the world of education; administratively as well as academically.

Dr: Were they able to influence the textbooks or the teachers?

Dodd: Yes they were, they were able to see that the textbooks were almost produced on order and assuring the publishers of textbooks have the funds necessary to make publications of those books profitable.

Dr: Now have you personally had contact with some of the directors of these great foundations?

Dodd: Yes I have

Dr.: Could you tell us about it?

Dodd: Well one instance, I’ll use a couple of instances as illustrations, one instance had to do with my responding to an invitation from the president of the Ford Foundation who asked me if when I was next in New York; would I stop in their office and have a visit, which I did, and on arrival after amenities, Mr. Gaither who was the then president said, “Mr. Dodd we invited you to come and see us this morning hoping that you would off the record tell us why the congress was interested in operations of Foundations such as ours.” Before I could think of how to reply to him he volunteered the following, he said, “Mr. Dodd those of us here at the policy making level have all had experience either with the OSS or the European Economic Administration in operating under directives the origin of which was the White House, we today operate under just such directives. Would you like to know what the substance of these directives is? And I said “Yes Mr. Gaither I like very much to know”. Where upon he said to me, “The substance of the directives under which we operate is that we shall use our grant making power so to alter life in the United States so that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union. Well figuratively I nearly fell off the chair, but I did remark to him “Mr. Gaither in the light of what you just told me; many of your grants make sense I can understand them, but I do not think you’re entitled to withhold this information from the people of this country, to whom you are beholding for your tax exemptions so why don’t you tell them what you told me? And his answer was, “Mr Dodd we wouldn’t think of doing that” and I said, “Well Mr. Gaither let me answer your first question, you forced the Congress of the United States to spend $150,000 dollars to find out what you’ve just told me.”

Dr: And so they’ve been pushing socialism in America ever since.

Dodd: Well then in light of that of course you see conditions develop and then of course you can describe the development of these conditions and the events that accompany them to this policy. Because its only in light of this policy that these events and effects make any sense. And this is their problem doctor they cannot avoid having effects result from the grants that they make. They cannot avoid it. Therefore those in this country who would be concerned with what they are up to, merely has to look at the effects and work back and compare the effects of a grant with the explanation of the grant in the first place.

Dodd: You will remember there was a time when the Federal Reserve System was installed in this country by the Congress in other words it was legalized. And it had been preceded by a long period of years and the struggle to get the Federal Reserve approved, finally it was approved and the argument that swung the approval in that direction was that “if this system is installed, the result will be the elimination of bank failures, and as much as there had been in those days a plethora of bank failures, this was held up as a very beneficial development practice. That’s what they called Fractional Reserve Central Banking. This was in 1912, nobody goes back to 1930 when every bank in the United States were closed, every bank, there wasn’t a solvent bank in the United States. That you see was proof that the original purpose was in no sense to eliminate bank failures and this discrepancy was that these contrasts and these contradictions are the tell tale part that those who have imposed these practices on us as a people are scared to death that its going to be picked up, stressed and taught and so forth and so on, but it isn’t.

Dr: No and the mass media definitely do not talk about it-

Dodd: But neither does the educational world, this is what will meet the challenge. One accredited educational institution with trustees who openly declared “we noticed this, we noticed the inconsistency, the contradictions and we are setting forth an effort to account for them” and that in my opinion would explode the whole network and they have told me this is what they’re scared to death, that somebody is going to pick up the string.

Dr: Mr Dodd what do you think is the basic crux of this whole problem?

Dodd: Well Dr. I feel that the problem itself originates are with that aspect of human life which condemns men collectively to experience what is known as the fall of man, and that subsequently Christ came into the world with the knowledge that the individual could confront this condition and not become victimized by it. But that entailed the individual emulating Christ till the temptations of the wilderness was confronted by the satanic, listen to what the satanic had to offer and say no. And then add “I know you to be Satan and Satan went away”, that to me is the clue to how to nullify this influence, which has had humanity in its grip for centuries. Well, of course what it means is that one has to accept the realism of the inclusion of evil and that in turn challenges the world of education to equip the student with the knowledge necessary to recognize evil, in action within the sphere of his own experiences and refuse to be part of it. Then the influence which has been behind the creation of this network can’t operate. It cannot operate in the light and admittedly it acknowledges that, so that those who are part of it knowingly are scared to death that somebody at some point as they put it is going to pick up the end of a string and little by little follow it to the end and as they put it to me; when that happens, we’re through.

Dr: Now did you or any member of your staff ever have the opportunity of going through the records of these great foundations.

Dodd: We had one remarkable instance of that kind again by invitation. This invitation came from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and was in response to a letter I had written to the endowment; asking certain questions, seeking certain information and this invitation was issued to me over the telephone to come to their office in New York when I was next there. This I did and on arrival found myself in the presence of Dr. Joseph Johnson the president, two vice presidents and their own council, a partner of Sullivan Cromwell and after amenities Dr. Johnson said Mr. Dodd we received your letter and we can answer all these questions but that would be a great deal of trouble because with the approval by the Senate a ratification of the United Nations treaty; we felt out job was done so we took all of our records from the beginning of this endowment up to 1945 and sent them to the warehouse and then we concentrated on just using our funds to build this new building across the street from the United Nations which would provide the various organizations that would follow the United Nations activities with place to meet. But, they said they has a counter suggestion, that is Mr. Dodd if you can spare a member of your staff for two weeks and send them to New York, we will provide that member with room in our library and the minute books of this endowment since its inception. And we think whatever you want to find out you can find out through that source.

Well my first reaction was, that these men had lost their minds because I had a pretty good idea of what those minute books might show up but as I thought about it I realized that most of them were new in that position and my guess was none of them had ever read the minutes themselves, which of course would be quite a task to cover 50 years of minutes.

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It is vital for us to understand this strategic relationship which was and still continues to be practiced globally and now has expanded into every global agency and avenue of life.

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